53.A 28-year-old man who had immigrated from the middle East presented to the emergency department with chronic (duration 9 months) pain and swelling in his left ankle. His medical history was notable for a prolonged stay in hospital in childhood . On examination he was afebrile, his left calf was atrophied, and he had swelling posterior to both malleoli and hyperpigmentation of the skin around the medial malleolus (Figure 2). He had limited active and passive range of movement of his left ankle. Radiography of his left distal tibia showed a solitary, punched-out radiolucent lesion in the epiphysis(Figure 1)
The most likely diagnosis is

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Brodies absess .pngQUESTION ID: 2203

1. Brodies abscess
2. Chondroblastoma
3. Ewing sarcoma
4. Giant cell tumour
5. Osteoid osteoma