Postgraduate Orthopaedics International Fellowship Revision Course Hyderabad 2018

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The venue was split between the ITC Kohenur hotel for the lectures and viva sections of the course and Udai
Omni hospital for the clinicals .ITC Kohenur is a recently built 5 star hotel in Hitec City Hyderabad.The facilities
were excellent and it was much easier for faculty to structure their stay in India around the course programme and
venue. Udai Omni hospital facilities were good for the clinical day with 2 large areas for patients to be seen and
examined by candidates.

Course Aims

- This 4-day course is a condensed version of the UK course designed to provide high yield orthopaedic topics
and preparation for the International FRCS (Tr&Orth) exam.

- The Hyderabad course was primarily aimed at candidates sitting the International FRCS(Tr&Orth)
exam in Kuala Lumpur in June 2018.

- Many of the candidates are still unfamiliar with the idiosyncrasies and quirks that can occur in the exam and quite a bit of time was devoted to allowing candidates to familiarize themselves with the format of the exam.

- A large part of the course between lectures was spent going through international fellowship exam eligibility criteria for candidates.

Course programme

Lecture Day

- We condensed the lectures to high yield bullet points topics over 2 days rather than the more expansive 4-day lecture programme undertaken in Newcastle. There was minimal lecture over run unlike the previous year.

- The lectures content was aimed at higher order thinking and judgement that the ICB is very keen to test in the exam rather than rote learned facts from a book.

- One of the positive aspects of previous courses was positive feedback where lecturers spent time explaining difficult topics rather than attempting to cover every fact at break neck speed. It is impossible to cover all aspects of the FRCS (Tr&Orth) syllabus in four days never mind two and there is a need to concentrate on important A list topics in some detail rather than superficially attempt to skim the surface of all possible topics.

Viva Day

- The viva day was essentially the same as our Newcastle course. We had with 3 candidates per station as per Newcastle as this ensures a high faculty to candidate ratio and simplifies course organization.

- Very positive candidate feedback and the layout of the viva room replicated the real feel of the viva exam.

Clinical day

- The clinical day is the most important but equally the most difficult day to organize. We again kept the format to 3 candidates per station in order to ensure high quality teaching with a high faculty to candidate ratio.

- We had some excellent clinical cases with advanced pathology and had no difficulty recruiting patients. This was definitely the highlight of the course. Candidate feedback was universally positive.


Overall Feedback

•  Very good overall
•  Very informative and well conducted course. Can’t be better than this. Can’t improve what is already best. Thanks guys.
•  To be fair the speaker on spine had too much too cover. Could have increased the length of the course to 5 days
• Very good experience
• Very well balanced with different examiners with some direct question’s vs lateral thinking. Feedback from everyone was very useful. Definitely would recommend attending.
• Very nice. Thanks for everything.
• Thank you for this great course
• It was a great experience
• Course should be done every 6 months. More regular courses
• Please continue the good work. We truly enjoyed the whole event
• Very nice course. Wonderful faculty. Very crisp and informative lectures. Would definitely recommend
• Try to conduct a course in India somewhere in May 2019 before the June exam.
• A course in India around May/June next year
• Please conduct a course in India near May.
• Good focus on exam, known topics were summarised well. Very interactive. All speakers both today and yesterday made great efforts to keep our concentration especially as a long day, which was brilliant.
• Please keep up the hard work
• For the paeds lectures more evidence-based guidelines and protocols
• Great session
• Keep up the good work
• Excellent course. Well planned
• Good comprehensive course. Request to provide books for exam preparation.